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ezRETS is an ODBC driver that connects to RETS servers. It is licensed under an open-source license. It allows ODBC-aware applications, such as Microsoft Office (Excel, Word,) to easily load data from a RETS compliant server using those applications built-in wizards and other tools.
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For the official web page is at

The support mailing list is and you can
subscribe to this list by visiting:

Built on libRETS technology!

News about driver changes can be found in the NEWS file.

To find out the SQL supported by ezRETS please check the SQL Reference
document included with ezRETS.

-- Notes --

    * The User-Agent is configurable via the Data Source control
      panel or by editing your odbc.ini.  We do not encourage the
      practice of changing your User-Agent.  To see what ezRETS's
      default User-Agent is, please check the NEWS file.

-- Reporting Bugs --

To report bugs, we need a few pieces of information: which MLS or RETS
server you were trying to access, the ezrets debug log, the ezrets
http log, and a SQL.LOG.  You can turn on the ezrets logs on the
Logging tab in the Data Source control panel

On Windows, to create the SQL.LOG,go into the "Data Sources (ODBC)"
control panel, click on the tracing tab, and click on Start Tracing
Now.  Now, perform the actions that caused bad behavior.  When you
finish that, go back to the control panel and turn off tracing.

If the developers need more information they may also ask you to send
an HTTP log.  This log can also be configured via the Data Sources
control panel.

To get that information to the developers, there are two ways you can
do it:

1) Send e-mail to with what you were
   doing, and the two files listed above.

   If you don't feel comfortable sending the logs to the open list,
   you can send them to which will only
   go to CRT's ezRETS developers.  These will not be shared in their
   entirety, however, small segments that do not violate any privacy
   may be used in bug descriptions and/or discussion on ezrets-users.

2) Or you can create a "trouble ticket" by visiting If possible,
   please search to
   make sure your bug hasn't been reported already.
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