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National Genomics Infrastructure

The Swedish National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI), a technology platform at SciLifeLab, serving primarily Swedish academia.

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  1. Forked from Molmed/piper

    A genomics pipeline build on top of the GATK Queue framework

    Scala 8 8

  2. Forked from mariogiov/ngi_pipeline

    Code driving the production pipeline at SciLifeLab

    Python 4 18

  3. Forked from pekrau/OrderPortal

    A portal for orders (a.k.a. requests, project applications) to a facility from its users.

    Python 2

  4. Forked from pekrau/charon

    Database for IGN projects and samples, with RESTful interface. Built on top of Tornado and CouchDB.

    Python 3 4

  5. Ansible playbooks for provisioning NGI pipeline and related sw

    Shell 14

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