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A viewer for map records relating to the Stevenson civil engineering firm, 1660-1940
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The Stevenson Maps and Plans of Scotland, 1660 - 1940 - map viewer

The map viewer uses OpenLayers 4.6.5 for the map interface, JQuery to provide filtering and a date range selector, and a MapTiler georeferenced mosaic of historical maps of Great Britain from ca. 1900.

It was created by Chris Fleet and Rachel Dishington during a 3-month placement in the National Library of Scotland from May – August 2019. The placement took place during Rachel's PhD project at the University of Edinburgh on ‘Engineering ‘Modern’ Scotland: The Stevenson Maps and Plans and Scotland’s Built Infrastructure, c.1800–c.1900’. The PhD was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council through the Scottish Cultural Heritage Consortium. It is a Collaborative Doctoral Partnership between the University of Edinburgh and the National Library of Scotland.

There were three main aims in creating the map interface:

  1. To allow the Stevenson maps covering a particular place to be quickly discovered by clicking on the place.
  2. To allow easy filtering of the maps by subject and date.
  3. To allow the different geographic extents of the maps to be clearly visible.

For a full description of this project, see the project web pages on Geocoding the Stevenson Maps and Plans of Scotland and Setting up a web-mapping interface for the Stevenson Collection. All the specific OpenLayers code for this application is in the /scripts/index.js file, which has been commented to explain specific functions.

View the Stevenson Maps and Plans of Scotland web resource.

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