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Simulate realistic trajectory data seen through sporadic reporting
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The FRACTALRABBIT stochastic mobility simulator creates realistic synthetic sporadic waypoint data sets. It consist of three tiers, each based on new stochastic models:

(1) An Agoraphobic Point Process generates a set V of space points, whose limit is a random fractal, representing sites that could be visited.

(2) A Retro-preferential Process generates a trajectory X through V , with strategic homing and self-reinforcing site fidelity as observed in human/animal behavior.

(3) A Sporadic Reporting Process models time points T at which the trajectory X is observed, with bursts of reports and heavy tailed inter-event times.

Table of contents

Quick start

Several quick start options are available:

Mathematica Notebook

Text version

Python Version


  • (2017 VERSIONS) single trajectory models
  • (COMING IN 2019) Java version, for multiple paths

What's included

  • Mathematica Notebook (2017), and pdf printout, for single trajectory
  • Python implementation (2017), for single trajectory

Bugs and feature requests



  • New implementations of the three underlying models described in the technical report are welcome.


  • TBA


  • Will begin with the Java release.


R. W. R. Darling

Copyright and license

Apache License 2.0

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