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The FRACTALRABBIT stochastic mobility simulator creates realistic synthetic sporadic waypoint data sets. It consist of three tiers, each based on new stochastic models:

(1) An Agoraphobic Point Process generates a set V of space points, whose limit is a random fractal, representing sites that could be visited.

(2) A Retro-preferential Process generates a trajectory X through V , with strategic homing and self-reinforcing site fidelity as observed in human/animal behavior.

(3) A Sporadic Reporting Process models time points T at which the trajectory X is observed, with bursts of reports and heavy tailed inter-event times.

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Java version runs from the command line:

java -jar fractalrabbit.jar parameters.csv

An example of the parameters.csv file is given below. Change it to suit your modelling needs. It permits multiple travellers to follow the same trajectory asynchronously.

Two historical versions are available:

Mathematica Notebook, for independent trajectories, visible in Text version

Python Version, for independent trajectories

Bugs and feature requests

  • Have a bug or a feature request? Contact Github user bbux-atg



  • New implementations of the three underlying models described in the technical report are welcome.


  • TBA



R. W. R. Darling Github: probabilist-us

Copyright and license

Apache License 2.0