Collection data of the Cronstedt Collection in the Nationalmusuem, Sweden
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The Cronstedt Collection of the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm

The ca 6000 drawings in the Cronstedt Collection are part of the holdings of the Nationalmuseum (in Stockholm). It was initially formed by the Swedish architect Carl Johan Cronstedt (1709-1777). Although principally a collection of architectural and ornamental drawings, there is a wide variety of subject matter related to the activities of an eighteenth-century architect: gardens, theatre, ephemeral decorations, applied arts, engineering and even some landscape and figure drawings. French and Swedish drawings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries predominate, even though other countries also are represented. A large number of drawings come from the workshop of the French decorative painter Claude III Audran (1658-1734), whose sketchbooks with grotesque-style designs for interiors were acquired by Cronstedt. The collection was passed on to Cronstedt’s heirs and was acquired by the Nationalmuseum in the 1940s. Almost all drawings in the collection were digitized between 2008 and 2011 and have been available on the Nationalmuseum’s homepage since 2012. The information in the entries have to a large part been taken from older inventories and may in some cases be incomplete or erratic. Additional data or corrections are welcome. The collection is fully reachable at Europeana. Nationalmuseum here provides a LIDO XML of the collection data. The collection is reachable on [Europeana] (