LIDO xml of collection data available on Wikidata
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same dataset as LIDO XML including IIIF links to images

Nationalmuseum Sweden Wikidata Collection

The collection of the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm are since 2014 largely accessible at Europeana. A part of this collection, data concerning some 4500 paintings, has been imported to Wikidata in autumn 2014 and are currently being linked to the respective Images and articles (on artists etc.) The Nationalmuseum here provides the LIDO-xml on which the import was based, initially for the Hackathon CodingDaVinciNord. The metadata includes artist, title, media- and dimension information and often information on the depicted persons. The information has been collected in the internal database of the Nationalmuseum and might be incomplete or erratic. Additional data or corrections are welcome. The dataset is reachable on Wikidata