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@ErjanGavalji ErjanGavalji released this Jun 11, 2015 · 4979 commits to master since this release

Version 1.1.0

Breaking changes

  • (#242) View and GesturesObserver classes have some breaking changes related to gesture operations

Bug Fixes

  • (#267) SegmentedBar CSS color not applied correctly when items are bound
  • (#257) Fix some crashes for ListView's iOS UITableView
  • (#242) Cannot attach gesture observer for more than one gesture (Android).
  • (#234) DatePicker and TimePicker property bindings do not work in Android 5.x
  • (#228) ListPicker for Android shows text after bound to an empty array.
  • (#222) ListPicker showing number of items in list (Ticket938420)
  • (#196) Layout is incorrect after device rotation in iOS when there is navbar
  • (#193) Layout is broken when there is optionsMenu on the first page in iOS
  • (#189) Changing bindingContext affects UI elements that has a binding to bindingContext.
  • (#188) Remaining item when cleared page options menu in ios.
  • (#187) Custom source for UI element binding fails.
  • (#186) Using object get property syntax for binding expressions
  • (#175) Implement weak-event pattern on ListView (when bound to observable)


  • (#280) Change NativeActivity base class in order to be compatible with Android runtime
  • (#244) Expose application level events as real events
  • (#233) Application module event handlers are lacking in parameters
  • (#221) view parent exposed in itemLoading event
  • (#214) Repeater component added
  • (#207) Optimizations
  • (#199) TabView.selectedIndexChanged event
  • (#184) Hint property for TextView
  • (#176) Implement navigatingTo, navigatedTo, navigatingFrom and navigatedFrom events on Page
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