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Contributing to NativeScript documentation

👍 First of all, thank you for taking the time to contribute! 👍

Here are some guides on how to do that:

Code of Conduct

Help us keep a healthy and open community. We expect all participants in this project to adhere to the NativeScript Code Of Conduct.

Reporting Bugs

  1. Always update to the most recent master release; the bug may already be resolved.
  2. Search for similar issues in the issues list for this repo; it may already be an identified problem.
  3. If this is a bug or problem that is clear, simple and is unlikely to require any discussion -- it is OK to open an issue on GitHub with a reproduction of the bug and screenshots. If possible, submit a Pull Request and fix the bug yourself (jump down to the Submitting a PR section).

Requesting Features

  1. Use Github Issues to submit feature requests.
  2. First, search for a similar request and extend it if applicable. This way it would be easier for the community to track the features.
  3. When requesting a new feature, please provide as much detail as possible about why you need the feature. We prefer that you explain a need rather than explain a technical solution for it. That might trigger a nice conversation on finding the best and broadest technical solution to a specific need.

Submitting a PR

Before you begin:

Following these steps is the best way to get your code included in the project:

  1. Fork and clone the docs repo:
git clone<your-git-username>/nativescript-docs.git
# Navigate to the newly cloned directory
cd nativescript-docs
# Add an "upstream" remote pointing to the original {N} repo.
git remote add upstream
  1. Create a branch for your PR
git checkout -b <my-fix-branch> master
  1. The fun part! Make your documentation changes. Make sure you:

  2. Before you submit your PR:

    • Rebase your changes to the latest master: git pull --rebase upstream master.
  3. Push your fork. If you have rebased you might have to use force-push your branch:

git push origin <my-fix-branch> --force
  1. Submit your pull request. Please, fill in the Pull Request template - it will help us better understand the PR and increase the chances of it getting merged quickly.

It's our turn from there on! We will review the PR and discuss changes you might have to make before merging it! Thanks!

Where to Start

If you want to contribute, but you are not sure where to start - look for issues labeled help wanted.