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Bubble series | Progress NativeScript UI Documentation
This article gives a basic introduction of Bubble series and continues with a sample scenario of how Bubble series are used.
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RadChart Bubble Series

Bubble series are {% typedoc_link classes:CategoricalSeries %} and are used in the context of a {% typedoc_link classes:RadCartesianChart %}, {% typedoc_link classes:CategoricalAxis %} and {% typedoc_link classes:LinearAxis %}. On top of the requirements for a {% typedoc_link classes:CategoricalAxis %}, {% typedoc_link classes:BubbleSeries %} require an additional setup parameter which should come from the data source that defines the bubble size. The value for this parameter is supplied by defining the {% typedoc_link classes:BubbleSeries,member:bubbleSizeProperty%}.


On top of the customization options that come from the {% typedoc_link classes:CategoricalSeries %} context, {% typedoc_link classes:BubbleSeries %} expose the {% typedoc_link classes:BubbleSeries,member:bubbleScale%} property which can be used to fine-tune the size of the bubbles according to specific application requirements. The way the {% typedoc_link classes:BubbleSeries,member:bubbleScale%} property works is by multiplying its value to the radius of calculated for each data-point's bubble.


The following definition represents the data context that will be used to populate the Bubble series with data:

We use an instance of this model to assign it as the bindingContext of the page we have put our Bubble series on:

And finally, in the XML definition of the page we put a {% typedoc_link classes:RadCartesianChart %}, add a {% typedoc_link classes:BubbleSeries %} instance to it and bind the series to the source of data:

Cartesian chart: Bubble series Cartesian chart: Bubble series


Want to see this scenario in action? Check our SDK examples repo on GitHub. You will find this and many other practical examples with NativeScript UI.

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