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@Natalia-Hristova Natalia-Hristova released this May 15, 2019 · 8 commits to release since this release

What's new

  • metadata: Add TNS_DEBUG_METADATA_STRICT_INCLUDES option (b2d03e4)
  • project-template: Support Swift files in the .xcodeproj (#1128)
  • project-template: Add NS_LD variable to be used for alternate linker (#1133)

Bug Fixes

  • project-template: Change angled bracketed includes to quoted (#1116)
  • metadata: Copy stderr log to yaml dir (#1119)
  • marshalling: return WrappedObject for classes with no meta (#1125)
  • runtime: Unicode properties (#1129)
  • runtime: added const to avoid using seen as global ()
  • metadata: Stop randomizing modules' order of serialization (#1141)
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