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Integrating NativeScript with Angular 2.

Running locally


Install your native toolchain and NativeScript as described in the docs:

Install dependencies

$ cd nativescript-angular
$ npm install

Run the sample application (ng-sample)

Install NPM packages (use the local copy of nativescript-angular):

$ cd ng-sample
$ npm install
$ npm install ../nativescript-angular

Start the app:

$ tns run android
$ tns run ios

Running the tests

Install NPM packages (use the local copy of nativescript-angular):

$ cd tests
$ npm install
$ npm install ../nativescript-angular

Start test run:

$ tns test ios --emulator
$ tns test android --emulator

Developer workflow:


Use npm link to link nativescript-angular in tests and ng-sample progects:

cd nativescript-angular
npm link
cd ../ng-sample
npm link nativescript-angular
cd ../tests
npm link nativescript-angular


  1. Make changes to the test, ng-sample projects or in nativescript-angular folder.
  2. Run the tests or ng-sample using as shown above.

Watch the video explaining Angular 2 and NativeScript

NativeScript session on AngularConnect conference

Explore the examples

The ng-sample app is meant for testing stuff while developing the renderer code, and isn't the best example out there. You can take a look at these sample apps that use the published builds from npm:

Known issues

  1. There are certain issues with the Parse5DomAdapter and we'll likely need to provide our own later on:
    • Self-closing elements (<Label text="Name" /><Button text="Save" />) get parsed wrong (in this case Button gets parsed as a Label child.