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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ App templates help you jump start your native cross-platform apps with built-in

This Master-Detail template is a fundamental building block for any app that displays collection of objects and their details and need to work both in online and offline mode while utilizing Firebase as a backend. The template uses a RadListView component to display the master list. The RadListView component is part of [Progress NativeScript UI](

<img src="/tools/assets/phone-masterDetail-ios.png" height="400" /><img src="/tools/assets/phone-masterDetail-detail-ios.png" height="400" />
<img src="/packages/template-master-detail-ts/tools/assets/phone-masterDetail-ios.png" height="400" /><img src="/packages/template-master-detail-ts/tools/assets/phone-masterDetail-detail-ios.png" height="400" />

## Key Features
- Editable master-detail interface
@@ -25,7 +25,11 @@ tns create my-master-detail-ts --template tns-template-master-detail-ts
If you want to create a new app that uses the source of the template from the `master` branch, you can execute the following:

tns create my-master-detail-ts --template
# clone nativescript-app-templates monorepo locally
git clone
# create app template from local source (all templates are in the 'packages' subfolder of the monorepo)
tns create my-master-detail-ts --template nativescript-app-templates/packages/template-master-detail-ts

**NB:** Please, have in mind that the master branch may refer to dependencies that are not on NPM yet!

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