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Add New Component Category

  • Create a new directory inside the app directory with the name of the component, for example action-bar. The name of the directory will be prettified and will become the component section header. Create a file named and place the general overview text for the component. You cannot use code snippets here.
  • If the directory should be displayed as a folder inside the documentation tree, it should end with -category. For example - ng-ui-widgets-category.

Add New Example

  • Create a new directory inside a component directory, for example inside the button directory. The name of the directory will be prettified and will become the example header, i.e. title. For example, if your directory name is tap-event the header will become Tap Event, that is, all dashes will be replaced with spaces and all the words will be capitalized.
  • Create a file named Place the article text and code snippet placeholders there. You can place code snippets in TypeScript, HTML and CSS. The code snippet placeholder syntax is explained here. Here is a sample file:

Set text in HTML
<snippet id='button-text-html'/>

Set text in code
<snippet id='button-text-code'/>
  • Add your example source code files, i.e. .ts, .html, and .css files. These files should contain the actual code snippets to be injected in For example:


<StackLayout sdkExampleTitle sdkToggleNavButton>
    <StackLayout  class="example-container">
        <!-- >> button-text-html -->
        <Button id="button" text="I am a button"></Button>
        <!-- << button-text-html -->


import { Component } from "@angular/core";
import { COMMON_DIRECTIVES } from '../../directives';
import { Button } from "ui/button";
import { Page } from "ui/page";

    selector: 'button-component',
    directives: [COMMON_DIRECTIVES],
    templateUrl: 'button/text/text.component.html'

export class ButtonTextComponent {
  • (Optional) Make a screenshot of your example named image.png and add it to the example directory. Here is an image with android and ios phone screenshots:
  • Finally, add your example to the main navigation list:


var mainMenuLinks = [
    new Link("ActionBar", "/actionBarExamplesComponent"),


export const routes: RouterConfig = [
    routeEntry({ path: "", component: ExamplesListComponent, data: { title: "NativeScript SDK Examples" } }),
    routeEntry({ path: "actionBarExamplesComponent", component: ActionBarExamplesComponent, data: { title: "ActionBar" } }),
  • Tests - for the time being the tests will be provided by the NativeScript QA team when the PR is accepted.

Run Application

npm install
tns run android


npm install
tns run ios

Build Article

npm run build

You can find the build results in the dist directory.

Show Preview

To see a GitHub Flavored Markdown preview of the article, execute the following command:

npm run show-preview

Your default browser will open this.

This command pushes to using SSH, so you might need generate a new SSH key and add it to the ssh-agent in case you haven't done so already.

Bugs, issues and enhancements