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Inspircd map generator


Usage of ./ircmap:
    	Don't scrub unrecognized nodes
  -listen string
    	Address to listen on
  -o string
    	Output format (dot, json, raw) (default "raw")
    	Run as server (default true)
    	Use stdin instead of network for map source
  -url string
    	Location of the inspircd stats page (default "http://localhost:8000/stats")

ircmap understands the following environment variables:

  • IRCMAP_SERVER_DOMAIN: A domain name to scrub from the end of the ServerName to make a human-readable label
  • IRCMAP_HUB_PREFIX: A hostname prefix to scrub from the beginning of the ServerName to indicate a node is a hub
  • IRCMAP_LEAF_PREFIX: A hostname prefix to scrub from the beginning of the ServerName to indicate a node is a leaf
  • IRCMAP_STATS_URL: A URL on which inspircd's m_httpd_stats is served, to get values
  • IRCMAP_LISTEN_ADDRESS: For server mode, an adress on which ircmap listens. defaults to ":http"
  • IRCMAP_TLS_CERT: A TLS certificate for the webserver
  • IRCMAP_TLS_KEY: A TLS certificate key for the webserver

Server Mode

In -serve mode (the default), ircmap will listen on a port, serve a static directory of files, and return json and dot maps.
This is typically used to serve a html page and javascript to fetch and render the json representation. The static/ folder contains such an implementation

One-shot Mode

In one-shot mode, ircmap will fetch the map source either from an url or stdin and output it to stdout. Useful for testing. This is not compatible with server mode.

Note on defaults

This was built to be used with servers in the Rezosup network of french universities. The default values are thought to work in that context.


An example is available at

An example screenshot:


An inspircd network map tool



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