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@devernay devernay released this Mar 15, 2020 · 17 commits to RB-2.3 since this release

Known Issues


Version 2.3.15

  • Inputs of the selected nodes are now always visible.
  • Avoid crash and issues when NatronEngine.Effect.destroy() is called. #368
  • macOS: fix version numbers in Finder information. #372
  • Fix callbacks in PyPanel and PyModalDialog. #379
  • Fix recursive Python calls and handle the Python GIL properly.
  • Fix loading of Python Toolsets, and document how Toolsets are detected.
  • Fix using Rotopaint with multiple layers. #420 #205
  • Fix loading project settings. #439


  • Fix bugs in DenoiseSharpen that caused crashes. #300
  • Add support for chromatic aberration correction when reading RAW files. #309
  • Update CImg and G'MIC to 2.8.4 and fix several issues in GMIC plugins (which are still beta).
  • Many new GMIC plugins, including GMIC Custom Code.
  • FrameRange: New options "Loop" and "Bounce". #411
  • Update OpenImageIO to #350
  • Fix reading multi-view EXRs. #429
  • Support for reading and writing HEIF/HEIC images. HEIC is the still-image sibling of HEVC (a.k.a. H.265), and compresses to about half the size of JPEG but with higher visual quality.
  • Text: Added SRT subtitle format support
  • AudioCurve (audio curve generator): new plugin
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