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Natron Community Plugins

A collection of Natron plugins made by the community


Install directly from Natron

download it as a ZIP file via

Extract it anywhere.

open Natron

Edit>preference>plugins>pyplug search path>add>the exracted file location


Restart Natron.

Upgradable Install

The plugins can be installed by simply cloning the github repository at the right location, for example on Linux:

cd /usr/share/Natron/Plugins
git clone

Later, the plugins can be updated at any time by pulling updates:

cd /usr/share/Natron/Plugins/natron-plugins
git pull

One-Time Install

To install a snapshot of the repository, download it as a ZIP file via

Unzip into any PyPlug folder but the recommended locations are...

Windows: "C:\Program Files\INRIA\Natron-2.X.XX\Plugins\PyPlugs"

OSX:     "/Library/Application Support/Natron2/Plugins/PyPlugs"

Linux:   "[/usr/share] or [YOUR INSTALLATION DIRECTORY]/Natron2/Plugins/PyPlugs"

For Shadertoy presets: copy the natron-plugins-master/Shadertoy contents and replace it in the following links:

Windows: "C:\Program Files\INRIA\Natron-2.X.XX\Plugins\OFX\Natron\Shadertoy.ofx.bundle\Contents\Resources\presets\default"

OSX:     "/Library/Application Support/Natron2/Plugins/OFX/Natron/Shadertoy.ofx.bundle/Contents/Resources/presets/default"

Linux:   "[YOUR INSTALLATION DIRECTORY]Natron2/Plugins/OFX/Natron/Shadertoy.ofx.bundle/Contents/Resources/presets/default"

Finally edit the plugins location in Natron preferences to allow it to find them during startup, if it's not already. If you want a particular folder only you can use and put the URL to the folder you want there. Also you can install individual .py files (and their accompanied png icon files).

How to Contribute to this repository ?

We'd love to add your own Pyplugs to this repository so everyone can benefit from them.

You can make a Pull Request or if you're not comfortable with git just tell us here :

Also you can look at our guidelines for Pyplug submission :

Available Plugins


  • bl_Bytes : Converts the picture in another byte space. This is of course a simple simulation as Natron works only in 32 floating point color space.

  • bl_Compress : A common color correction function that pushes the low color to a value and the high color to one another. While tempting to made a color matching between 2 picture this PyPlug might be really usefull.

  • bl_Expand : Does the exact reverse of the Compress node. It stretches the color between to low and high color values.

  • bl_Monochrome : Same as the Shake's Monochrome node. You can play independently with the 3 color components.

  • bl_Slice : Cut a color slice of the picture and create a mask of the result.

  • bl_Threshold : Thresholds the image using a color value, a range of thresholding and a replacement color.



  • bl_HSVKeyer : Creates a mask using the hue saturation and value of the color range.


  • bl_Bulge : The Bulge function is a copy of the Bulge inside AfterEffect. This PyPlug is basicaly creating a drop/buble effect on a picture.


  • ChannelOffset : Easier to use than the basic TransformMasked node, with additional blur option, and auto-edge extension feature.

  • ChannelMerge : ChannelMerge that mimics Nuke's one.

  • Copy_Layer : Copy RGBA channels from the A input to any layer of the B branch.

  • Copy_N : Nuke Copy node.

  • EasyExtract : Easily extracts an image channel.

  • L_ChannelSolo : Easy to use channel selector.

  • Shuffle_N : Inverted Shuffle node.

  • Zmatte : Creates a smooth matte from z-depth pass.


  • L_Icolor : Tint an image from the A input using another one from the B input.

  • lp_Tweaky : Provides a variety of little tweaking-options, like Vibrance, WB-Slider, Tint, etc.


  • FrameStamp : A very simple stamp that show the current frame in the corner of the image.

  • Gradient : A 3-4 Way gradient.

  • LightWrap_Simple : An alternative to built-in LightWrap plugin, simpler to use, also it as an option to dilate wrap to get a bigger effect.

  • Vignette : This effect reduce the images brightness at the peripherie compared to the image center.

  • Lightning Bolt : Creates Lightning & Bolts

  • Audio_VLC : Simple audio playback with vlc


  • Light Sweep : Creates Light Sweep.

  • Beauty : Tool designed to achieve skin cleaning jobs.

  • AntiAliasing : Antialiasing filter based on FXAA

  • ChromaticAberrationPP : A filter designed to match real camera chromatic aberration

  • Chromatic_Aberration : Create a stylised Chromatic Aberration effect, similar to the one found in Blender.

  • DePepper : Remove Salt and Pepper noise

  • Defocus : Add a bokeh blur to the image. You can use an image to guide blur size, note that it's not intended to act as a ZBlur plugin.

  • FireflyKiller : Removes fireflies, very bright, nervously jumping around pixels.

  • kaleidoscope : Creates kaleidoscope effect.

  • Mosaic : A basic mosaic effect.

  • Orton : Orton Effect.

  • PM_VectorBlur : Poor Man's Vector Blur. Blur an image according to a Vector/Motion Pass, read the doc to know more about limitation

  • Refraction : Glass distorsion using a UV pass.

  • SharpenPlus : Image sharper.

  • Volume_Rays : Enhanced version of Natron's native GodRays, featuring advanced options.

  • zDefocus : zDefocus node for Natron.

  • fxT_Glowy : This is an alternative glow effect that mimics the feature of the same gizmo in Nuke.

  • L_BlurHue : A simple hue blur filter.

  • lp_ColourSmear : Smears the colors around a given Alpha.

  • lp_Despot : Despots for black or white pixels.

  • lp_Feather : Feathers your alpha channel

  • lp_fakeDefocus : A very faky Defocus. Very faky. Not very good. Might work for tiny things.

  • lp_roughenEdges : Roughens the edges of a given alpha channel based on an adjustable noise.

  • Kaleidoscope : creates kaleidoscope effect.


  • DUCK_Alpha_Edge : It gives edge of a roto or a key, you have the possibility to dilate or erode, blur or multiply the edge differently inside and outside. Simply the best alpha edge you can find for free.

  • DUCK_Denoise : It helps to denoise a footage, since it is not based on analisys: it just provides a denoise for black/white and coloured dots.

  • DUCK_Skin_Cleaner : A tool developped to clean up models skin in common beauty/fashion shots.

  • DUCK_Smart_Blur : Smart Blur isn't a common blur, it helps to blur images with heavy grain, surface imperfections, noises, render problems, etc. keeping the boundary and the edges, and restoring details in highlights and dark regions of the image.


  • PxF_Bandpass : Extract detail from an image. Useful to make plates easier to track.

  • PxF_ChromaBlur : Blur chrominance without affecting luminance. Useful to repair some chroma artifacts in digital video.




  • AFX_Grade_GL : Based off the Nuke grade node.

  • Chromatic_adaptation_GL : This shader performs a chromatic adaptation.

  • Crok_2color_GL : Simulates a 2 color look.

  • Crok_exposure_GL : Simulates an exposure node.

  • Crok_filmlook_GL : This shader gives you different FilmLook presets.

  • JB_colorRemap_GL : Remaps RGB of input1 using RGB of input 2.

  • K_BW_GL : Creates black and white images with adjustable RGB values.

  • Ls_Colourmatrix_GL : Apply 3x3 matrices to RGB for white balance, colourspace conversion or well disco grades.

  • Ls_NaNfix_GL : Fixes pixels which are stuck at NaN.

  • Ls_RndmGrade_GL : Generates random grades. Works best on log footage or low-contrast ungraded video.

  • threshold_GL : Applies a threshold filter to an image.

  • y_bw_GL : Create black and white images with similar controls as Lightroom. Also nice for creating interesting mattes for color correction or whatever down stream.

  • y_hue_ops_GL : Isolate hues, and adjust their color / saturation.

  • y_linear_GL : Convert footage to linear and back with ease.






  • Add_GL : GPU accelerated additive merge for Shadertoy.

  • Crok_uncomp_GL : Uncompose a compositing scene into its original layer.

  • Ls_Contacts_GL : Tile inputs into a grid for impressing clients, choosing versions or checking continuity.

  • Merge_GL : GPU accelerated merge node for Shadertoy.

  • Screen_GL : GPU accelerated screen merge for Shadertoy.

  • y_source_GL : Recreates the most useful parts of action's source nodes. Back input is optional.



  • Crok_seamless_GL : Creates seamless textures.

  • Crop_GL : A simple image cropper with built-in 2D texture offset and borders.


  • Cryptomatte_Keyer : Extracts up to 15 mattes per node using Cryptomatte pass.

  • AdditiveKeyer : This is not a keyer, It is very good for separating translucent fine details (such as motion blur, dust or hair) that a keyers with mattes might have difficulties extracting.

  • BS_AlphaGrainEdge : This basic PyPlug simply adds some noise to your alphas around the areas that aren't solid.

  • ColorDifferenceKey : Creates a quick color difference key.

  • CoveragePass : Extract Coverage Pass from render in Arnold and Renderman.

  • DespillMadness : The famous DespillMadness originaly crafted for Nuke by Andreas Frickinger.

  • EdgeMatteDetect : Description to be written

  • IDKeyer : Extract an alpha matte from a ID-Pass to be used as a mask.

  • lp_ChannelContactsheet : Generate a Contactsheet to find a suitable channel for keying.

  • lp_ChillSpill : An alternative to buit-in Despill node that is quick and easy to setup.

  • lp_CleanScreen : Evens out your Chroma-Screen with the help of a Cleanplate.

  • lp_HairKey : A keyless Keyer for fine detail like hair which is hard to come by with a matte.

  • lp_SimpleKeyer : A very simple Keyer for a wide variety of operations. Inspired by Nukes Keyer-Node.

  • OverRange_Alpha : Generates an alpha channel based on overranged values.

  • PIKDespill : Despill tool based on the PIK Keyer.

  • PositionMask : Take a world position pass and generate a rounded mask from it.

  • PushPixel : Pushes pixels of the RGB on the edges of the alpha channel.

  • PxF_ScreenClean : Use a clean plate to clean up blue/red/green screens.

Lens Flare Presets



  • mS_MarkerRemoval_Advanced : This PyPlug lets you easily remove tracking markers from backing screens without the hassle of painting, even when they intersect with the foreground elements.

  • mS_RestoreGrain : This PyPlug lets you preserve the original grain from your plate after keying.


  • Luma_to_Normals : Converts any image to normals, using it's Luma Channel. Provides most accurate results used on displacement maps or Zdepth passes.

  • ReFlect : Take a Normal pass and an image and map it to reflection, similar to matcap in 3D render.

  • ReShade : GPU Relighting of 3D renders using a normal pass.

  • SSAO : Generate an AO pass from a Z pass.

  • UV_Map_Generator : Generates a default UV map at any resolution. Can be used to run through a lens distortion in another software or any sort of distorion that can then be re-applied with an STMap node.

  • UV_to_Vectors : Converts a distorted UV map to motion vectors.

  • Vectors_Direction : An utility to rotate 2D vectors such as motion vectors, and flip them if necessary.

  • Vectors_Magnitude : An utility to see the magnitude of motion vectors, usually simply as information for the artist.

  • Vectors_Normalize : Will scale every vector in a vector pass so that each vctor's magnitude is 1, while keeping the direction. Works on 2D and 3D vectors.

  • Vectors_to_UV : Converts Motion Vectors to an UV map.

  • Z2Normal : Generate a Normal Pass from a Z pass


  • sb_AlphaFromMax : This PyPlug creates an alpha channel based on the max color value of each pixel in any of the RGB channels.

  • sb_Erode : This PyPlug wraps several erode types into a single gizmo, giving you simple control of which method that works best for your shot.

  • sb_LumaKey : This PyPlug will perform a luminance key of your footage, based on a chosen color space.

  • sb_MatteEdge : This PyPlug creates an edge matte with control of both the outer and inner radius.


  • TimeLoop : generate loops from input image


  • PM_Camera : Poor's Man 3D Camera, can import .chan data to be used with the PM_Card3D

  • Crop_N : Crop node similar to Nuke's one

  • PM_Card3D : Poor's Man Card3D, create a 3D plane, to be used with PM_Camera

  • Repeat : Tiling effect that extends image size.

  • Shaker : Adds a shaking effect to the input image. It's based on an expression similar to wiggle expression in After Effects

  • lp_NoiseDistort : Distorts an image based on two different noise-layer for a more dynamic feel.

  • Wiggle : Camera shake effect.


  • Onion_S : This is a simple Onion Skin utility node. It supports 5 fames of fixed interval onion skin in the forward and backward directions with user selectable colors, and two blending modes.

  • WaveForm : Draw a Luminance Waveform of the input image


  • L_AspectMask : Apply standard formats overlay over an image.


  • V_CheckMatte : Utility to evaluate a matte and help working with mattes and masks.



Natron Community Plugins



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