OpenFX G'MIC 1.0 Beta1

@olear olear released this Nov 27, 2016

OpenFX wrapper for the G'MIC framework. First beta release targeting Natron 2.x.


  • Powered by CImg/G'MIC 1.7.9
  • Over 300 Effects


Linux: Extract TGZ file and copy GMIC.ofx.bundle to /usr/OFX/Plugins
Mac: Extract TGZ file and copy GMIC.ofx.bundle to /Library/OFX/Plugins
Windows: Extract ZIP file and copy GMIC.ofx.bundle to C:/Program Files/Common Files/OFX/Plugins

Note: If the destination folder does not exist just create it.
Note: You can also copy GMIC.ofx.bundle to the Natron folder in Plugins/OFX/Natron


This is a beta release, please report crashes.


1. G'MIC needs to download presets on some effects, this will fail if you don't have the ~/.config/gmic folder. Just create the folder and G'MIC won't complain about missing presets. Internet connection still required of course. This will be fixed in the next beta release.

mkdir -p ~/.config/gmic

2. Performance issues (OpenMP) on Mac compared to Linux.


git clone
cd openfx-gmic
git checkout 1.0beta1
git submodule update -i
tar xvf GMIC.tar.gz
make CONFIG=release

You can install with:

sudo make install

Note: you will also need the file located in the GMIC folder.