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Square Royal

A (fairly frustrating) patience game known as King's Corners. Based on the version by Jorundur Sveinn Matthiasson.

Licensed under a 3-clause BSD license.


  • Refactor the win conditions a bit.
  • Scaleable UI.
  • Eventually, split game logic out of the view for future interfaces.

How to play

The goal of the game is to get the "royal" cards (King, Queen, and Jack) into their certain slots that they must be placed in. To win, all royal cards must be placed in their slots; Kings in the corner, Queens in the top and bottom edges, and Jacks in the left and right edges. The royals can only be placed in the places they belong to.

However, the other cards in the deck will get in your way. There's 4 spots for cards that don't belong, but ultimately, you will need to temporarily fill up the royal slots with them. After the board is full, there is a "discard round" where tens and pairs adding up to tens can be removed. Once done discarding pairs, you can click the deck to resume placing cards.

It's very easy to get stuck and have to start again, because you can't make a pair to remove or you have a royal that can't fit in the slots it belongs it. Don't get too mad!