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Add a biological classification

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Before adding data other than static pages to a Scratchpad, we need to add the taxonomic names. This is done via the taxonomy module. The taxonomy module contains controlled vocabularies. A vocabulary is a list of terms. These do not have to be biological classifications. Country lists, keywords etc. can all be treated as “taxonomies” in the context of your site. Taxonomies are the backbone of a Scratchpad and link together the content. They are used to generate taxon pages. Before you add a set of taxonomic names to your Scratchpad you need to add the vocabulary for it.


  1. Click on Structure in the Admin menu and click on Taxonomy near the bottom

    "Structure" admin page, listing the menu options: Blocks; Contact form; Content types; Menus; Taxonomy; and Tools

  2. Click on the Add vocabulary link

    Taxonomy page showing "Add vocabulary" button near the page title

  3. Minimally enter the vocabulary Name (e.g. “Lice” if you use our training materials); you can also add a Description. Select which kind of biological classification you are creating (“Animal” in our example)

    Add vocabulary form showing name, description and biological classification fields

  4. Click Save

Having created a vocabulary you now need to add the list of terms (names). This can be done by either importing a classification through the external Encyclopedia of Life service (see Import a classification from EOL) or by creating and importing your own classification (see Import your own classification). Alternatively you can add terms one by one by clicking on Add terms when you are on the Taxonomy admin page or by using the taxonomic editor (Edit terms) (see Edit a biological classification).


Missing tab after creating classification

If after creating a classification and adding terms to it a tab does not appear for it in the main tab bar try clearing the caches:

  1. Login as an admin or maintainer level account
  2. Go to http://<your_scratchpad_url>/#overlay=admin/config/development/clearcache
  3. Click Clear all caches - this will take a number of seconds to complete (likely more than 30 seconds)
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