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Add a blog

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Blogs are used to create and manage a series of regular content entries, like general status updates, a travel diary or a running commentary. Readers can optionally comment on blog entries. They are a good way of communicating with the users of a Scratchpad.


  1. To enable the blog go to Structure in the Admin menu and click on Tools. In the Core section enable blog and save

  2. Click Content in the Admin menu and then on the Add link for Blog entry.

  3. Enter the title and some body text

  4. Click Save

  5. You can find your newly created blog entry in the Blogs tab in the Main menu.

The Blogs tab shows the blog entries from all users. You have the options to view only blog entries from a single user by opening a blog entry from this user and clicking on the link to this users blog that is below the blog entry. Alternatively go the the user's account and use the link there.

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