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Add a classification from EOL

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  • Click on Structure in the Admin menu and click on Taxonomy near the bottom.

  • Click on the Add vocabulary link.

  • Minimally enter the vocabulary name (Carnus) in the Vocabulary name field; you can also add a description of the taxonomy in the Description field. Under the content types pull down menu, note that you can choose which types of content to associate your taxonomy with. By default, all content types are checked.

  • Under 'Settings' select 'ITIS Name' in the 'Content type' drop down menu at the bottom of the page. This is essential for importing biological classifications because it adds fields like 'Rank', 'Usage' and 'Authors'.

  • Click 'Save'.

Having created a vocabulary you now need to add the list of terms (names). We are going to explore two different methods of importing a biological classification into your site.

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