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Add a forum

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Forums are basic communication tools between Scratchpads community members. They facilitate public discussions on selected topics. To create forums you first have to enable this functionality from the Scratchpads administration menu.


Enabling the Forums module

  1. From the Admin menu bar go to Structure > Tools
  2. Find the Core section and enable Forums
  3. Click Save

Adding a forum topic

  1. Click Content in the Admin menu and then on the Add link for Forum topic.

  2. Enter the SUBJECT and choose the forum in which you want to submit your topic. By default Scratchpads have only one forum that is called “General discussion”. Enter the text of the topic in the BODY field

  3. Click Save

  4. To reply to a forum topic use the function.Forums page

    Reply to a forum topic

You can access the forum by clicking on the Forums link in the Main menu.

Creating a forum

  1. Click on Structure in the Admin menu and click on Forums

  2. To add a new forum click on Add Forum, enter the name of the forum a description and a parent term if you want a hierarchy of forums.

  3. Click Save

  4. You can also add containers to group related forums together.

Integrating a forum in your e-mails

You can integrate your forum with your email to receive/send messages from/to the forum. This is done via your user account.

  1. To access your account click on Hello [your username] in the upper right corner and then click on the Forum/E-mail integration tab.
  2. You can subscribe to specific or all forums and also enter additional email addresses.
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