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Add a media gallery

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Media Galleries are used to organise Images or other media types in groups. You may use media galleries to organise your media thematically according to the your needs.


  1. From the Admin menu go to Content > Media gallery

  2. Click + media gallery

  3. Enter a TITLE and a short description of the gallery in the BODY field

  4. In the Media box click on Select media and either upload a new image or, if you already uploaded images, click on the Library tab and select the image(s) you want to link to this media gallery

  5. Click Submit

  6. To change the creative commons license (the default licence is the one you chose during the set up workflow) or annotate your image in other ways (taxonomic name, imaging technique, keywords, etc.) click on Edit media next to the respective image. If you upload several images, it is faster to use the Grid editor to edit several images at once (see Edit content)

  7. To add another image click the Add another item button and select another media file.

  8. Click Save

  9. After saving you will see your media gallery but the images will still be missing. Renew your browser page (Control+F5 on a PC) after a couple minutes to make the images appear.

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