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Add a newsletter

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Newletter page with one newsletter issue showing

Aim: Create a newsletter.

You need:

  • Several users

Time: 10 min


Newsletter can be created using the Simplenews module. They are sent to subscribed email addresses.

Set up Simplenews

  • To enable the the newsletter module go to in the Admin menu and click on . In the 'Mail' section enable Simplenews and save.Simplenews administration page
  • Still on the Tools page in the 'Mail' section a link to appears. Click on this link. Alternatively go to in the Admin menu and click on .
  • Click on to change the settings. Have a look a the settings and change if necessary. By default a test letter is send to the test address, so that you can change your newsletter if necessary before sending it out to the audience.

Create a newsletter

  • Click on in the Admin menu and click on . Click on .Create a newsletter administration page
  • Enter a NAME and DESCRIPTION and choose the subscription settings you prefer. Save.

Create a newsletter issue

  • Click on in the Admin menu and then click on for 'Simplenews newsletter'.
  • Add a TITLE and write your news in the BODY field.
  • Under NEWSLETTER CATEGORY select the newsletter you just created. Save.
  • The issue is now published and has been sent to the test address but hasn't been sent to the subscribed emails. Send newsletter settings page
  • To send the newsletter to the subscribed emails, click on the tab of the issue, select 'Send newsletter' and click on the button.
  • A new menu item for “Simplenews newsletter” has been added to the Main menu. Click on this link for a list of newsletter issues. Click on the title to view an issue.

Subscribe users

Depending on your Simplenews settings, users can either subscribe to newsletters when they register or edit their user account or they can not subscribe on their own and you have to subscribe them.

  • Click on in the Admin menu and click on the tab in the upper right corner. At the bottom you see a list of users. Only those users that are allowed to login will appear in the list.
  • To subscribe single users click on the link for the respective user, select the newsletter and click the button.
  • To subscribe several users click on the blue link at the top, enter the email addresses of the users (these have to be the email addresses of users that are allowed to login), select the newsletter and click the button.
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