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In Scratchpads you can create custom pages to present content in a static way. You can consider pages in Scratchpads like any other static web page. You can embed text, images or other content like


Adding a new page

  1. From the Admin menu go to Content

  2. Click Add next to Page

  3. Enter a TITLE, e.g. “Introduction”, and some BODY text. The SUMMARY field can be used for a short version that is displayed on search results or news pages

  4. Use the MEDIA field to link media (images, audio or video) to your page. These items will appear as links beneath the text of your page

  5. To add images to your text, you need to add them using the Add media icon in the BODY field

  6. In MENU SETTINGS select where you want the page to be placed by choosing the appropriate PARENT ITEM. By default, a page will be set to Main menu (see below)

  7. Click the Save button at the bottom left

Editing page

  1. Edit content on the page by clicking the Edit tab
  2. The BODY field has a Rich text editor. Explore some of the features of the rich text editor by modifying the format of the text you have entered
  3. Click Save
  4. To create links to external pages please use an absolute URL for example for the scratchpads home page use “”. If you want to create a link to another page or node of your site use relative URLs for example to create a link to your literature page use “/biblio” rather than “

Menu settings when editing a page

  1. A MENU LINK TITLE is required for each page. By default, the page title is used. You may want to replace the menu link if the page title is very long

  2. The PARENT ITEM controls where your page will be placed on the site. Main menu is selected by default. It is not advisable to have all pages showing up in the Main menu, so before you add pages think about the hierarchy of menu items and start adding the pages that should show in the main menu first

  3. The WEIGHT defines where in a list of menu items this item is placed

Cloning a page

For cases where there are only slight differences between nodes you can create a duplicate:

  1. Click on the Clone tab.
  2. Change the Title of the page and some of the text
  3. Switch the parent menu item from “Main menu” to the new menu item you created with your previous page
  4. Click Save

Instead of popping up in the Main menu, the menu link title now appears in a block next to the page. This block will fill with a hierarchy of menu items as you add more pages. You can use it to structure your pages in a way that helps users to find the information.

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