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Add images and other media files

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  1. From the Admin menu go to Content

  2. Click on the Add link next to Images in the Files section at the bottom

  3. Click on Add files to select one or more files to be uploaded. You may also drag and drop files in the filename box from your file explorer (e.g. windows explorer) (This functionality is not compatible with Internet Explorer Browsers)

  4. After selecting your file(s) click Start upload and wait for the files to upload

  5. Click on Submit

  6. Change the TITLE if necessary and fill in the other fields as needed

  7. To link the image to the classification and have it show on taxon pages enter a name in the TAXONOMIC NAME field. After typing a few letters you will get a list of names starting with these letters. Choose one of these.

  8. Click on the Misc vertical tab

  9. Fill the Media Gallery you wish your image(s) to belong to

  10. Click Save

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