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Add a single reference

  1. Click Content in the Admin menu and then on the Add link for Biblio.

  2. Select the publication type Journal Article (or any type you prefer), and fill out the fields given. Remember to link this bibliographic reference to your classification by filling in the TAXONOMIC NAME field.

  3. You can also add a bibliographic record by pasting the BibTeX or RIS record or looking it up.

Adding file attachments to a reference

  1. It is possible add a file to a bibliographic record
  2. Underneath the field bibliography fields there is a File attachments section
  3. Click the Choose File button and select your file (default allowed files are txt, pdf, doc) then click Upload
  4. Once the file has been uploaded click Save
  5. You should now see the file at the bottom of the page when viewing the reference

Edit a reference

  1. Click on the title of any biblio entry to go to the node page for that entry. Click on the Edit tab.

  2. You can now edit this individual entry, changing any of the fields that you consider to need changing.

  3. Tag this biblio node to the classification by adding the respective term in the TAXONOMIC NAME field (Autotagging doesn't work for bibio nodes). Only references that are linked to the classification will show up on your taxon pages. If you are using our training material, link the record you are editing to “Pediculus humanus”.

  4. Press the Save button.

Restricting access to attachments

You can restrict access to attachments for references to certain user roles in your site. To do so:

  1. From the Admin menu go to People
  2. Click on permissions
  3. Deselect the roles you wish to deny access to attachments in references
  4. Click Save permissions
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