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Customize shortcut menu

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The Shortcut menu is below the Admin menu and can be extended by clicking on the arrow icon in the upper right corner next to the Log out link. It contains links to administrative pages that are frequently used.


  1. To add a shortcut to the menu simply go to the administrative page that you want to link to and click on the plus icon in the upper right corner. This creates a link in the shortcut menu.

  2. To change the name of a shortcut menu item or the order of items, extend the Shortcut menu and click on Edit shortcuts on the right side.

  3. Click on Edit to change a name. Save.

  4. Drag and drop menu items to change the order. Save changes.

  5. You can also add new shortcuts by clicking on Add shortcut and entering the name and path for the new shortcut. For example if you frequently add pages enter the NAME Add page and PATH “node/add/page”. Save.

  6. The default shortcut set is customized by the site maintainer but each user can create and customize his/her own set via the user account (Shortcut tab). The site maintainer also has the option to create different shortcut sets for different user groups.

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