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Customize taxon pages

Paul Kiddle edited this page Sep 19, 2018 · 1 revision

Aim: Change which blocks to show on taxon pages and on which tab a block is showing.

You need:

  • A biological classification
  • Example data linked to the same taxonomic name, e.g. images, literature and description.

Time: 10 min


To change how the block of a certain content type is showing on the taxon pages you need to edit the respective content type.

  • Go to Structure in the Admin menu and click on Content types.
  • Click on edit for the content type you want to change.
  • Click on the Display settings tab near the bottom of the page and check Display on species page. A new set of options appear in which you can check where the block is supposed to appear. It can either appear on its own tab or under one of the existing tabs. Select one option and save the content type.
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