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Designating nomenclatural status

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Scratchpads is following the ITIS scheme. When setting a term of a biological taxonomy as not accepted you are also expected to provide the unacceptability reason for it.

To facilitate the different nomenclature common practices followed in by both IBN and ICZN, we provide adjusted lists of unacceptability reasons.  width:300px

The following table illustrates how terms will be designated in the classification tree when a specific unacceptability reason has been selected.

Unaccepability reason Mark in classification Position in relation to term
database artifact artifact suffix
heterotypic (taxonomic) synonym = prefix
homonym (illegitimate) nom. illeg. suffix
homonym & junior synonym = & nom. illeg. prefix & suffix
homotypic (nomenclatural) synonym prefix
horticultural horticultural suffix
invalidly published, nomen nudum nom. inval. suffix
invalidly published, other nom. inval. suffix
junior homonym homonym suffix
junior synonym = prefix
misapplied misapplied suffix
nomen dubium nom. dubium suffix
nomen oblitum nom. oblitum suffix
objective synonym prefix
original name/combination basionym suffix
orthographic variant (misspelling) nom. inval. suffix
other unplaced suffix
pro parte = & p.p. prefix & suffix
rejected name nom. rej. suffix
subjective synonym = prefix
subsequent name/combination n. comb. suffix
superfluous renaming (illegitimate) nom. illeg. suffix
synonym = prefix
unavailable, database artifact artifact suffix
unavailable, incorrect original spelling nom. inval. suffix
unavailable, literature misspelling nom. inval. suffix
unavailable, nomen nudum nom. illeg. suffix
unavailable, other unplaced suffix
unavailable, suppressed by ruling nom. rej. suffix
unjustified emendation unjustified emendation suffix
unnecessary replacement unnecessary replacement suffix
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