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Ecological Interactions

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Ecological interactions for the Scratchpads are provided by the EcoInt module, which allows for relationships between taxa and/or specimens to be recorded.


Initial Release:

Provide functionality needed by current NHM Science Apps and

  • Record interactions (taxon/specimen to taxon/specimen)
  • Record type of interaction, with reference and other metadata

Export release:

  • Allow export of data in a form that can be ingested by GloBi (Scratchpads in general)
  • Allow export of data in a form that can be ingested by NHm Interactions Bank (NHM Scratchpads)

Future releases:

  • Allow biotic-nonbiotic interactions to be recorded (e.g. domiciliary pests)


  • Interactions are recorded using the 'ecological_inetractions' node type.
  • The search page is a custom Solr search page with facets added via the 'interactions' Context.
  • Blocks on species pages are also provided by Solr, using a custom block, and are added by modifying the 'species-overview' Context.

Data Standards

  • The relationship types are drawn from the Relations Ontology
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