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  1. Click on the Home icon to go to the front page. As part of the set up workflow you will have produced a welcome message for your front page.

  2. To the right of the welcome message is an image block. If you haven't added any images, yet, this space will be empty. (See add images)

  3. Below welcome message and images is a row of three blocks. These blocks are only visible when content is available for the respective content types. As part of the set up workflow you will have produced an about page, which shows up in the Recent pages block. The other two blocks are showing recent biblio nodes and taxon descriptions.

  4. Click on the Edit tab above the welcome message to have a look at the blocks. At the top of the overlay you can edit the welcome message if you want. At the bottom you can select which small blocks to show on the front page. The default is for Page, Biblio, and Taxon description.

  5. Change the blocks to content types that are most useful for your site. These blocks will always show teasers of the most recent posts for the respective content type without them having to be promoted to front page. Save.

Additional information

The image block consists of four thumbnails and one larger image. The larger image changes to the image the mouse hovers over. The first four images you add to your Scratchpad will automatically be added to the front page (See Add images and other media files. After this only selected images are shown on the front page. To select an image edit the image and go to the Publishing options tab at the bottom of the page. Select Promoted to front page. You should also select Sticky at top of lists for the one image you want to show in the large image space. Save.

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