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Paul Kiddle edited this page Sep 17, 2018 · 2 revisions

This page lists the translation from a Scratchpads 2.0 path to a Wiki help page, one per line.

Path Wiki page
admin/content/spm Adding taxon descriptions
admin/content/location Adding location and specimen record data
admin/content/specimen_observation Adding locations and specimen record data
admin/content/page Adding a page
admin/content/forum Add a forum
admin/content/biblio Adding references
node/add/page Adding a page
node/add/location Adding location and specimen record data
node/add/biblio Adding references
node/add/spm Adding taxon descriptions
import/node_importer_location Importing locations
admin/import How to import data
admin/structure/taxonomy Editing biological classifications
admin/structure/types/manage/biblio Add literature
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