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Import a classification from eol

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  1. From the Admin Menu go to Import

  2. From the drop-down list select the TCS (Encyclopaedia of Life taxonomy import provider) under the Taxonomy section

  3. Select a Taxonomy

  4. Click on EOL, enter the root term (the highest taxon for which all children will be imported) of your classification (e.g. “Pediculus” or “Pinus”) in the text field and click on Search EOL

  5. The name usually appears in several possible classifications from the EOL databases. Choose one of them and click the Import from EOL button. This will import the complete classification of the taxon you type, into the Scratchpad.

  • When the import is complete, a link will appear in the Main menu of your site linking to the taxon pages and the taxonomic editor will open. You can learn more about how to use the taxonomic editor on the Edit a biological classification page.
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