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Import kml files

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Scratchpads support the import of location data through MS Excel files. For more info please check Importing data using Excel files & Importing location data

If your locations are in a KML file you could export them to an MS Excel file through the following procedure:

  1. Rename your .kml file to .xml
  2. Open a new excel spreadsheet (2007 and later) and click on Data > From Other Sources > From XML Data Import
  3. Locate the file you renamed and click open
  4. Click OK to the Microsoft Excel dialogs that will open
  5. Modify the column data format to match the Scratchpad template file columns Importing location data
  6. Copy-paste the modified columns to the corresponding columns of the template file
  7. Upload the template file as indicated in the help pages Importing data using Excel files
  8. You will now get all the locations of your .kml file to Scratchpads.
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