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Import literature

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  1. Click Import in the Admin menu and select “Nodes: Biblio file import”.

  2. Browse for the file (download the Biblio example file) and select the FILE TYPE. If you are using our training materials select “Endnote XML” because our bibliography has been exported from Endnote into XML format.

  3. Import.

  4. Click on the x icon in the upper right corner to close the import overlay.

  5. Click on Literature in the Main menu and you should see all your imported records. To the left of the literature citations is the faceted browsing that allows you to filter for certain terms.

Tagging references with taxonomic terms

Scratchpads can tag imported references with taxonomic terms while importing them. To use this functionality you'll have to have the taxonomic names you wish to tag each reference as keywords of the references. Note that the terms should already exist in your taxonomy.

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