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Importing a worms classification

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Creating a new Taxonomy

In order to import data from the WoRMS service you will need first to have set up a new biological classification that will be used to hold imported the taxonomic terms. You can find detailed documentation on how to do so in the Add a biological classification page.

Enabling the WoRMS importer

  1. From the administration menu go to Structure > Tools
  2. Under the Data provider section find the WoRMS - Importer
  3. Click on the slider next to it to enable it. If the importer is already enabled go to #Importing the data section.


  1. Click Save

Importing the data

  1. From the administration menu bar go to Import >
  2. From the first drop-down menu select Taxonomy > WoRMS web service
  3. Select the taxonomy you created in step 1 #Creating a new classification
  4. Check whether the message 'The WoRMS service appears to be running appears. If not do not proceed and check again later
  5. Enter the root term of your classification. All taxa below this term will be imported with the highest level taxon included. (e.g. By entering the genus Carcharhinus the importer will create a classification with the Genus Carcharhinus as the top level taxon and all the infra-generic taxa.)
  6. Click Search WoRMS
  7. If more than one results select the desired highest level taxon


  1. Click Import from WoRMS

Important notes

  • Disregard the progress bar while importing, as the service does not a total taxa to be imported value we are unable to keep track of the progress. The number of imported taxa will show beneath this bar
  • Currently you can not update an existing classification through the WoRMS service. This means that if you want to import an updated version of a classification held by WoRMS you will have to delete and rebuild the taxonomy, loosing all associations with other content types
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