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Installing Scratchpads with Docker Compose

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Installing Scratchpads with Docker Compose.

This chapter is a tutorial on how to install Scratchpads with Docker Compose. The Docker Compose configuration was added in Scratchpads 2.9.2, so please use master branch or a release >= 2.9.2.

Step 1 — Install Docker & Docker Compose

For Centos 7, please follow the instructions at Install Docker and Docker Compose (Centos 7)

For Ubuntu, install Docker following the official Docker CE and Docker Compose installation guidelines.

Step 2 — Install Scratchpads

Either clone the Scratchpads project or download a release >= 2.9.2 from Github.

git clone /var/lib/scratchpads2

Step 3 — Update environment variables

Copy /var/lib/scratchpads2/.env.template to /var/lib/scratchpads2/.env and set passwords and other sensitive or customisable variables.

cp /var/lib/scratchpads2/.env.template /var/lib/scratchpads2/.env

The defaults will be sufficient for a local development environment, but must be updated for a production environment.

Step 4 — Run Docker images

cd /var/lib/scratchpads2
make up

This installation includes Drush, a command line interface for Drupal. You can access it at:

make drush --help
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