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Post migration

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Once you submitted the migration form your site will be queued for upgrade. When the upgrade is complete a temporary new URL with the domain prefix s2. e.g. will direct to the new site for approval. You will be asked to go through that site and spot any problems in content or functionality.

Please carefully read and follow ALL steps below:

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  1. Wait for the email that states the temporary URL of your new site and prompt you to go trough it and review it
  2. Go to the temporary URL indicated in the email
  3. Check very carefully all the content in the site and compare it to your existing v.1.0 site (including taxonomies, specimen data, images and static pages)
  4. Choose your new home page images and colour of site
  5. Organise your pages
  6. If you had custom views in v.1.0 please recreate them in v.2.0
  7. Check all your custom blocks; Enable or disable them from the Structure > Blocks section of your new site
  8. From the administration panel of the s2. site go to Configuration and click on Scratchpads Migrate Tasks in the Content Authoring Section
  9. Review the errors the system has produced during the migration process. The two common issues are missing images and malformed HTML, which makes it impossible to extract images from the body text and move them to the Scratchpads 2.0 new file system
  10. Resolve these issues by editing the new pages as required
  11. Mark each resolved issue as Complete in the Scratchpads Migrate Tasks page
  12. Spot any other problems that reduce the functionality of your site or significantly alter its content structure
  13. Raise an issue using the issues tracker from your site for each of the problems you noted.
  14. After all issues are fixed your new site will go live!

'''Please note: '''

  • Your new site will not go live until you approve it and tell us to do so
  • You may find documentation on the features of Scratchpads v.2.0 in this wiki
  • After you approve the new site the old site will be replaced
  • You will still have access to the old site for a limited period of time by accessing your URL with the s1. domain prefix
  • Changes in structure or content made to the old site after you receive email with the new temporary URL of your new site will not be included
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