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Pre migration information

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'''Following the Drupal upgrade to v.7 Scratchpads was upgraded from v.1.0 to v.2.0.

This upgrade offers a new set of features to Scratchpads users. All Scratchpads v.1.0 sites will eventually be upgraded to v.2.0; a process called migration.'''

Scratchpads 2.0 sites have a BETA banner on upper left corner

  • How can I figure out which version of Scratchpads I am on?

If you started your Scratchpad site after April 2012 you probably are using the latest version. All Scratchpads 2.0 sites have a distinct banner on the upper left corner with the word Beta.

  • I have a Scratchpads v.1.0 site. Will be upgraded?

Upgrading from one version to an other is not an automated procedure. Due to the number of different modules used in Scratchpads sites the upgrade requires increased development effort. Our developers did manage to semi-automate the entire process and all Scratchpads 1.0 maintainers will soon be invited to upgrade their sites.

  • What's the procedure for upgrading (migrating) my site?

When everything is almost ready for your site to be upgraded we will send you a invitation email asking you to fill in and submit a form. All maintainers will have to fill and submit this form in order for their sites to queue up for upgrade.

  • What if I do not want to upgrade my site?

Unfortunately we do not have the resources needed to support two different versions of Scratchpads. You can remain in v.1.0 but eventually no support will be provided for this version from the Scratchpads team. We strongly encourage you to proceed with the upgrade. If however you do not wish to go through please choose the corresponding option in the form you will be asked to fill in and submit.

  • I received the invitation email and submitted the form. What's next?

Once you submitted your form your site will be queued for upgrade. During the upgrade process a temporary new site will be created with your site's URL and the domain prefix s2. e.g. You will be asked to go through that site and spot any problems in the content or functionality. Once you approve it the s2. site will replace your production site and your new site will go live! Once you receive the approval email please read carefully and go through the steps in the post-migration information page

  • Will I have access to the previous version of my site after the upgrade?

Yes. You will have access to the previous version for a limited period of time. You may access it by adding the domain prefix s1. to your site's URL. e.g.

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