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Scratchpads can keep track of the changes made to a node of a content type. These changes are stored as different versions of the node called revisions. Revisions can be very useful when data are updated by different authors.


Enabling Revisions for content types

  1. From the Admin bar go to Structure > Content types
  2. Click Edit next to the content type you wish to enable or disable revisions for
  3. Click on Publishing options and select Create new revision
  4. Click Save Content type or continue to the next section: Enabling comparing of Revisions

Enabling comparing of Revisions

  1. Click on Compare Revisions
  2. Click to enable Show View changes button on node edit form and Enable the Revisions page for this content type
  3. Click Save Content type

Comparing Revisions

Once you have created a new revision of a node in the content type you can compare their differences:

  1. Locate and edit the node you wish to compare existing revisions for

  2. Click on the title of the node you wish to see the revisions

  3. Click on Revisions

  4. Select the revisions you wish to compare and click Compare

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