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There are several ways to find specific content on a Scratchpad: Search, faceted search, Main menu and Admin menu



The Search box in the header has different search options: All and Taxonomy. All finds all content that includes the search term. Taxonomy only searches for terms in one of the vocabularies and returns the matched terms. When you are viewing a page (“Page” content type) you will get an additional option to search only page content. Clicking on the Search button when the search field is empty will lead to a faceted search page.

Faceted Search

Some pages provide the option of faceted search in a separate block on the left of the page. Faceted search can be used to filter the nodes of a content type (e.g. References) To use the faceted search:

  • Fields with less than 20 terms show up as a list. Click on a term to restrict results for this term

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  • Fields with more than 20 terms also provide an autocomplete search box. Fill in the term and press enter or else select from the list


  • You can remove a filter by clicking on the (-) sign next to a selected term
  • You can filter the content based on multiple fields

Find content via the Main menu

Click on one of the content types in the Main menu to find the respective data. Several content types, like literature and media gallery offer faceted browsing for smarter and more powerful searching.

Find content via the Admin menu

As maintainer of a site you can also find content via the Admin menu.

  • Click on Content in the Admin menu and then on View next to the content type that included the data you need to find.

This way you can only find content by content type. The advantage is that you can find content that is not published which is otherwise difficult. Additionally, you can search by username or do operations like deleting or (un)publishing several nodes at once.

Find recent content via the dashboard

You can customize your dashboard to show recent content.

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