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Task list

Paul Kiddle edited this page Sep 20, 2018 · 1 revision

The following Scratchpad Help Wiki tasks are improvements proposed by the Support Team. Tasks are listed in order of priority.

  1. Layout & Design

The front page needs redesigning and tidying up. Proposals:

  • Move page titles to the same position as in Wikipedia (not top left of page)
  • Fix search box
  • Have more prominent links to useful article categories
  • Add some simple icons (e.g. videos, import/export, content - these could be reused from Scratchpads)
  • Page height should be ~768px and display nicely in IE, Firefox and Chrome
  1. Category improvements

We need new categories to make it easier for users to find appropriate help articles. Proposed categories:

  • Difficulty (e.g. Easy, Moderate and Advanced - this could be used in the new article template and replace time/duration)
  • Thematic (e.g. “Distribution, Localities and Maps”)
  • Training course category (“Training”)
  • Project relevant pages (e.g. Cyperaceae/eMonocot/EOL - these could be content workflows specific for the project)
  • Review/Update (articles which are out-of-date or require improvements)
  • Botanical & Zoological (for specific modules, e.g. the current eMonocot ones)
  • Specific projects (e.g. EOL, Migration, eMonocot)
  • Create category tree
  1. Template improvement

  1. Content changes

  • Put links of videos in corresponding pages
  1. Specific projects help

  • Scratchpad 1.0 to Scratchpad 2.0 migration
  • eMonocot tutorials? Modified basic training?
  • EOL (Fellows/Lifedesk migration)

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