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Twitter feeds

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You can easily embed twitter feeds in your Scratchpad pages. In order for the twitter module to work you will have first to connect your twitter account with the module.


Link your account

  1. From the Admin menu go to Configuration
  2. Under Web services select Twitter
  3. Click Go to Twitter and add an authenticated account
  4. Follow instructions from the twitter service and click Authorize app

Embed a hashtag search

  1. Edit your page or block.

  2. Make sure that you edit the content of a page having the text format set to Filtered HTML

    Text format: Filtered HTML
  3. Use the following string where you want the feed to appear: [TWITTER:{hashtags}]

  4. Replace {hashtags} with the hashtags you want the feed to search for.

  5. Separate hashtags with a space. For example: [TWITTER: #naturalhistorymuseum #scratchpads]

    a page with a twitter feed
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