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What's new in scratchpads 2.0?

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  • The Log in is in the upper right corner.
  • There are no sidebars any more. The administration menu can be found above the header once you have logged in (see Admin menu)Content administration page
  • All administration and editing is done on an overlay on top of the Scratchpad page.
  • The Content menu is under the Content link in the Admin menu at the top of your Scratchpad.
  • 'Recent posts' can be found by customizing the dashboard.




  • Video and audio files can be uploaded (see Add images and other media files)
  • Images are treated as files.
  • Image galleries are called media galleries because they support images, video and audio files.
  • Media galleries are treated as a content type (see Add a media gallery)
  • Media files can be attached to any content.

Distribution maps

Taxon description with distribution map

  • Countries maps are now part of the taxon description content type. To add a country map you need to add a taxon description.
  • In addition to TDWG regions you can add custom polygons for the distribution.
  • On taxon pages GBIF data can be added to the distribution maps.

Taxon pages

  • Curation of taxon pages is different. The default panels [now called blocks] are set and can only be changed by editing the respective content type.
  • Trusted EOL content can be shown on the taxon pages. Other web content is currently not available.

Content creation

  • Dynamically generated Excel import templates for easy content creation (see Import)
  • Ability to update data offline


Literature page with faceted browsing

  • Data can be easily found using faceted browsing.
  • New content on the site only shows up after it has been indexed. At the moment this takes up to two minutes. The result is that if you for example add a new media gallery it will not show up immediately and you have to refresh the page after two minutes. Only then will the new data show.
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