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Content can either be edited by going to the respective node and clicking on the Edit tab or by using the grid editor to update several nodes at once.


  1. Click Content in the Admin menu

  2. Click Grid next to the content type you wish to edit

  3. You will see a matrix with a row for each node and columns for selected fields of this content type. The rows are ordered chronologically, with the most recent nodes at the top

  4. If the fields of the respective content type are sorted into groups on different tabs, these tabs will show in the grid editor, too. To gain more space for viewing a certain column the column sizes can be adapted by moving the column separators or by hiding columns by right clicking on the column header and deselecting columns.

  5. To edit contents of a single cell click into the cell, edit and click Save

  6. To edit the same field in several nodes, select the respective nodes by checking the box to the left of the row. Then click into the cell you want to edit for one of the nodes, edit and click Save. The content of this field will change for all selected nodes

  7. To filter for certain content click on the little magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the matrix and enter the search word in the search box that appears for each column. You can sort the rows by clicking on the column header of the field you want to sort by.

  8. At the bottom of the matrix there are icons for cloning (create a duplicate entry), deleting and undoing

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