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Set up the look of your site

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Setting up workflow

On new sites after saving the user account page for the first time, you automatically start a workflow that leads you step-by-step through the basic set up of your site

On training sites you will need to go to the dashboard and click Finish site setup

  1. Click the Continue button to start the set up process

  2. The first step is writing a welcome message that will appear on the front page of your site. Images will appear separately on the front page, so don't add them to the welcome message

  3. The next step is adding an 'About' page. Use the icons of the rich text editor to format your text or to add links or images

  4. The third step is selecting a Creative Commons license. The default license is “Attribution CC BY” but you can select a different license if you want. See for an explanation of licenses

  5. The last step is selecting which tools you need on your site. Depending on the focus of your site you will need different tools, so for example only taxonomic sites will need EOL taxon pages or specimens. The less tools you choose the easier your site will be to use for people with little Scratchpad knowledge. So only choose those you really need. If you are participating in a training course, don't change any of the tools, just save. You can always activate more tools later by clicking on Structure in the Admin menu and selecting Tools

  6. Click on the Finish button to complete the set up. You now have the option to add content, add a taxonomy or get more help.

  7. Go to the front page of your site by clicking on the home icon in the upper left corner.

Changing theme color

To differentiate the look of your site from other Scratchpads you can change the color of the theme.

  • To change the theme color, click on the 'Colors' icon in the lower right corner of your Scratchpad, select one of the colors and click on Save.

Additional options

If you don't complete the set up workflow, you can complete it later by going to the Dashboard and clicking on the respective link.

Adding a logo

  1. From the Admin menu go to Appearance > Settings
  2. Disable Use the default logo
  3. Click Browse to find the desired logo in your computer
  4. Click Save

Find out what your logo should look like here

Adding a shortcut icon or favicon

  1. From the Admin menu go to Appearance > Settings
  2. Disable Use the default Shortcut icon
  3. Click Browse to find the desired shortcut icon in your computer
  4. Click Save
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