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Fastify plugin / module to parse XML payload / body into JS object
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Fastify plugin / module to parse XML payload / body into JS object

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  1. Include in package.json
$npm install fastify-xml-body-parser
$yarn add fastify-xml-body-parser
  1. Then import in your code and register with fastify

Sample POST body / payload

const fastify = require('fastify')()

fastify.register(require('fastify-xml-body-parser'))'/', (req, reply) => {

fastify.listen(8000, (err) => {
  if (err) throw err

The sent reply would be the object:

  sample: 'data'


This plugin use fast-xml-parser to parse the XML payload. So it accepts all the options supported by fast-xml-parser.

var options = {
    attributeNamePrefix : "@_",
    attrNodeName: "attr", //default is 'false'
    textNodeName : "#text",
    ignoreAttributes : true,
    ignoreNameSpace : false,
    allowBooleanAttributes : false,
    parseNodeValue : true,
    parseAttributeValue : false,
    trimValues: true,
    decodeHTMLchar: false,
    cdataTagName: "__cdata", //default is 'false'
    cdataPositionChar: "\\c",

const fastify = require('fastify')()

fastify.register(require('fastify-xml-body-parser'), options)

Additionaly, it supports following options

  • validate: If it is set to true, this plugin validate the payload for valid XML syntax before parsing.
  • contentType: It accepts a string or an array of content types. By default it is set to ["text/xml", "application/xml", "application/rss+xml"].

Note: I've not included body size limit to this plugin because of following reasons

  • I believe it's good to use API gateway to handle non-functional requirements, like security.
  • There are already some plugins which verifies for body length. It'll be a performance degrade if all the plugins are doing the same thing.


MIT License

Worth to mention

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