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UI overview

imglab UI


  • work area : Middle area where the image is loaded. A transparent SVG is overlayed on that so a shape can be drawn.
  • tool bar : left bar contains tools to draw shapes and other.
  • action bar : Each tool may have some extra actions to do. They'll be loaded when a particular tool is selected. It exist just above the workarea.
  • menu bar : Top bar
    • Menu : Drop down list appears on 3 line icon. Currently it contains
      • Open : to load project file or dlib supported XML or pts file
      • Save : export data into various formats
    • Plugins : Drop down list appears on puzzle piece icon
      • Plugin window: It opens when you click any item of plugins dropdown
    • Keyboard shorcuts : Keyboard icon. It opens a pop up showing key mapping to do an action on key press.
  • thumbnail slider : In the bottom of the screen with two buttons to import images

Code overview

Global variables

  • tools : (config.js) It contains the detail of all the tools which should be displayed on toolbar
  • labellingData : An object where each key is the name of image loaded into thumbnail slider.
  • imgSelected : An object selected image containes it's name, and size detail.
  • selectedElements : An array of selected svg.js elements / shapes.
  • selectedElement : A svg.js element. currently selected.
  • selectedTool : tool detail from tools object of selected tool .
  • plugins : contains data to draw a plugin window
  • pluginsStore : contains data for plugin
  • myCanvas : svg.js SVG object. It can be used to interact any SVG elements in workarea.
  • data_schema : not in use yet. It'll be representing the schema of labellingData and will be used to store data in nimn format.
  • appConfig : (settings.js) Contains app related settings to avoid hardcoding in the code.

Global functions

  • showSnackBar : use it to display some error message
  • getCordinates : return mouse coordinates corresponding to SVG canvas.


  • app.js : define global functions and variables here if they can't be logically grouped to particular js or tag file.
  • store.js : to save shape information in labellingData variable.
  • storePersistor.js : contains code to sync labellingData with browser cache

Tag files

All the files inside tags folder are being used to display some UI component on the screen. We're using riot.js for the same. Files end with ".tag.html".

  • actionbar.tag.html : Display the actions related to particular action bar.
  • workarea.tag.html : To create / delete shapes in /from workarea and attach necessary events like select, resize, drag etc. When a shape is created / deleted, it updates labellingData by calling appropriate function in store.js
  • toolbox.tag.html : Do appropriate action when a tool is selected.

How to add actions for a tool

  1. Create a tag file in `tags\actions\ folder. (Check sample files already present)
  1. Add a property actions against the tool in config.js. (You'll find some already)
actions : [ 'actionname' ]
  1. Include the tag file that you created in step 1, on v2.html .

How to add a plugin

  1. Add the entry in plugins variable in config.js
var plugins = {
    "pluginname" : {
        title: "Some title to show on pluginwindow",
        tagName: 'plugintagname'
  1. If you need to save some data, it is recommanded to save in plugins store in config.js
var pluginsStore = {
    "plugintagname" : {
      //plugin data
  1. Create a plugintagname.tag.html in tags\plugins folder

Overview of riot js framework

Sample tag file

  <!-- HTML goes here -->
    //Java Script related to this tag only.
    //Avoid using IDs to access any component of the same tag

Special Variables

  • this.opts : It contains the tag attributes

Short Overview

How and what to test before raising the PR

File operation

  • open image files to load them to thumbnail slider
  • open image folders to load them to thumbnail slider
  • open project file from menu
  • save project from menu


  • upload some images
  • draw some shapes
  • draw point on the shapes
  • load an image bigger than canvas size
  • click on some other images in thumbnail slide bar and come back to image to see if everything is working fine
  • resize and drag a shape
  • try to move shapes using keyboard shortcuts
  • try to load images using keyboard shortcuts
  • check if thumbnail slider left, right button are working fine

Error on console

Press F12 key to open the developer's console. Switch to console and check for errors.