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Display a sidebar widget on wordpress blog with recent, popular, random etc posts
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This is the git repo for my wordpress plugin amtyThumb posts. I created it 6-7 years ago and it has more than 10K downloads.


It let's you display a sidebar widget with recent, popular, or random post in any style you want. You can also show posts which are currently being viewd by other visitors of your site.

It is fully customizable and comes with so many options... don't worry you can use it without any option change as well. All options come with some default value.

It also comes with some API's those can be used in wordpress theme anywhere to customize the view of your wordpress site.


On my another wordpress plugin amtyThumb which helps to extract the thumbs from any wordpress post.


I am pausing it's development due to other priorities. However I'll keep supporting for any bug, small features, and any request.

This plugin is stable and there is no bug reported in last 5 years. Still if you face any issue, report it here.


You can contribute to this project by adding new features or by testing and figuring out bug if any or just to buy some time for me by donating. Donate to author

If you like this plugin, tell to your friends. This is the best way of advertising any open source project.

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